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An Ode to Darrell Issa (R-CA-49)

Darrell Issa held DC's budget hostage for awhile, since the taxpayers of DC all pretty much agree that their tax dollars should be used for a comprehensive medicaid plan, meaning it covers abortion.Then he decided that even though no one really had a problem with the Occupiers, and even though they were breaking no laws, and had relatively few encounters with the police, that because they weren't Tea Partiers (who completely trashed the national mall during the health care debates, disobeyed several laws on the metro by eating and drinking and spilling their food everywhere..it was a disgusting few days of clean up), they had to go. Because Issa disagreed with the political point of view that Occupiers had, he decided they really didn't have freedom of speech. Just a note: Encampment type styles, such as Occupy, have happened 3 times in DC prior to Occupy. But Occupy is bad and evil, according to Issa. Freedom of speech, to him, only applies if you are a Republican. So, twice now Issa has attempted to impose his will on the people living in DC. He seems to think he got elected to Grey's position. Can someone please tell him this is not the case? Today, he decided that women, like disgruntled Occupiers, do not have freedom of speech. We, apparently, are not trustworthy when it comes to discussing birth control (psst! 99% of women will use contraception over her life time. 98% of Catholic women will use birth control!) Today, he blocked a woman from testifying simply because she was a dumb woman who doesn't know her place, obviously, since she is testifying  in favor of birth control coverage. So far the people who are speaking are conservative men. They aren't even letting men in favor testify. Fair and balanced? As Nancy Pelosi said:

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