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2017 Awards Eligibility Post

I wrote a few things this year! Some of them are eligible for awards. If you've read and enjoyed my works this year, and would like to nominate them for awards, please feel free to do so! As far as I can tell, the following works are eligible for Hugo & Nebula awards in the Novel and Short Story categories.

But wait, you might be asking, all of the works you released this year are self published! Are they truly eligible? Yes, they are! According to the Hugo's official rules:

Self-published works, e-books, and other “non-traditionally” published works are eligible. There is no restriction requiring works to be published through “traditional” publishers.

And here are the relevant rules for the Nebula Awards:

All works first published in English, in the United States, during the calendar year, in the genres of science fiction, fantasy, or a related fiction genre are eligible for the Nebula Awards® in their respective categories. Works first published in English on the Internet or in electronic form during the calendar year shall be treated as though published in the United States. Works are eligible whether or not their authors are members of SFWA. Works are eligible whether or not they have been previously published outside of the United States.

As for the categories, "best novel" and "best short story" are described by the Hugos as:

Best Novel: Awarded for a science fiction or fantasy story of forty thousand (40,000) words or more.

Best Short Story: Awarded for science fiction or fantasy story of less than seven thousand five hundred (7,500) words.

And by the Nebula Awards as:

Short Story: less than 7,500 words; Novel: 40,000 words or more.


A Lake of Feathers and Moonbeams (47,500 words)

For as long as Katya can remember, her partner Ivan, a powerful sorcerer, has given her anything she's ever wanted. Life is simple, until soldiers escorting Princess Yi Zhen enter the magical woods they call home. When Ivan captures the princess and demands Katya watch over her, she reluctantly agrees, entering a dark web of political grudges spanning centuries. Katya soon finds herself falling for the captive princess — and is pretty sure the princess is into her, too. To make matters worse, Yi Zhen is betrothed to a roguish princen who's made it their mission to set her free.

As forces rally to rescue Yi Zhen or go to war, Katya must take measure of her own powers and decide what she is willing to sacrifice. Will she retreat to the safety of what's familiar or give up everything she knows to spread her wings and fly?

A Lake of Feathers and Moonbeams was published in ebook and paperback on October 27, 2017. It is #ownvoices for bisexuality, anxiety, polyamory, and being non-binary. It was edited by Jen Anderson of Clearing Blocks Editing and the cover art was created by Louisa Smith of Juneberry Design.

Short Story

The Resignation Letter (5,000 words)

Amalthea has always gone against the rules, applying to the Academy of Mages first, and then studying forbidden magic when accepted. But when she finds her lover, the Empress, asking her to break the rules of her own ethics, she must decide for herself what is more important to her.

The Resignation Letter was published in ebook format on January 30, 2017. It is #ownvoices for bisexuality. It was edited by Kat Howard and the cover art was created by Louisa Smith of Juneberry Design.

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