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Software Engineer and Speculative Fiction Author.

The Resignation Letter Announcement and Miscellany

Big news! I am publishing a short story as a Kindle Select ebook! It is titled The Resignation Letter, a fantasy story about class, war, love, magic, and tough choices. You can add it to your TBR on goodreads. I've been working on this short story for awhile, and would like to thank Kat Howard for her editing on some of my initial drafts, and Louisa of Juneberry Designs for the fantastic cover. I'd also like to thank my paramours for their support, and for encouraging me with squees as they read drafts.

This is hopefully the first of many queer short stories that I plan on publishing in ebook format. For now, you can pre-order the book on Amazon. (Please note the placeholder cover should be gone soon, and the fabulous cover should take it's place!) The long and the short of the story is queer in a fantasy setting!

On a more technical note, you may have noticed I haven't reviewed a book here in awhile. I was busy working as a software engineer at the Democratic National Committee, which was a really intense job with really long hours! While I had some time to read here and there, it wasn't as much as I usually have, so no time to review. I hope to maybe do some back-log reviewing in the coming weeks. Also, I may still blog here about code occassionally, but most of my coding stuffy is being moved to dax.codes, so here should be mostly feminism and books. You can also find more of my cats now at dax.cat. MY CATS ARE WEBSCALE.

One last detail: I came out as genderqueer, and I am in the process of changing my name. I go by Dax now, you might find some references throughout this site to my old name still, or links to accounts of mine I still haven't changed to reflect my new name. Changing names is a lot of work and a lot of time. Forgive these brief discrepencies.


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