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Cover Reveal!

It's here! The cover for The Resignation Letter !

cover image: a white woman in a gown reclines on a chaise lounge, while a black woman stands in front of scientific tools looking into a magical orb

Isn't it gorgeous? Louisa of Juneberry Designs did a fabulous job getting the look and feel of the characters, and setting up the world, too. Seriously, you should chat with Louisa if you need a cool cover for your books! Having a cover makes it feel much more exciting as the release date draws near! Today for a brief moment the book was in the top rankings on Kindle in several categories. Specifically, in the #1 spot for Kindle Store -> Kindle Short Reads -> 30 Minutes (12 - 21 pages -> LGBT.

Kindle rankings, #1 in Shorts LGBT, #6 in Science Fiction and Fantasy, and #18 in Literature and Fiction

I've also gotten an advance review on Goodreads and I hope y'all will take the time to read and review!

"…all of the prose is beautifully written and overall, this is a pleasure to read."

I've got a novella in the works right now, and hope to get it published before summer (before I will officially be consummed by Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood). It's one of those dreaded Fairy Tale Retellings. Of course, my version is going to be full of queer people and won't be all white people. I also wanted to send a shout out to someone I forgot to mention in my last post! I wanted to thank Erin Lynn Jeffreys Hodges, who provided a lot of technical and technology related assistance, as well as cheerleading and pom pom waving! Thanks, Erin!

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