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Software Engineer and Speculative Fiction Author.

Cover Reveal for A Lake of Feathers and Moonbeams

It's here! Louisa of Juneberry Designs has finished the cover of A Lake of Feathers and Moonbeams, and it looks fantastic. I could not be happier! The novella itself has been written, and it clocked in at 52,009 words. About 7,000 more words than I wanted it to be. I did a lot of editing to get it back down to 45,117 words. Some of the cuts were hard to make but ultimately I knew the scenes I cut were slowing down the pacing. They were cute scenes! Maybe I will release them uneditted here or in a newletter one day (I would have to make a newsletter) but for now they are sitting in a folder collecting dust. I sent the editted novel to Jen of Clearing Blocks Editing to do some more edits! If you have not yet noticed from the link at the top, it is available for pre-order! It should be hitting your kindles at the end of October.

Three people stand on the edge of a lake while an owl menaces them from above

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