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This Is Not Sustainable: Hiring Junior Developrs

Many tech companies and start ups want to be able to get quality code shipped quickly. The instict, then, feels like you should have a huge team of senior developers and engineers.

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TODO Group and the Need for Codes of Conduct

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Storify: The Importance of Meet Ups in My Coding Journey

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Dell XPS 13 Developers Edition 2015 and Ubuntu Machines

You may have read my post on not needing expensive Mac’s to do development on (if not, please do!). Since that post I have done some digging on finding good Ubuntu machine’s. I wanted to get a bit of an upgrade, and I didn’t want to mess around with drivers for hours converting a window’s machine. I hear there’s ways to put Ubuntu on Mac’s, too. But, really, I hate Yosemite. It’s awful to develop...

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In Which I Use PhotoFeeler to Find the Best Pic, Instead Find Sexism

I put together this Storify to document my adventures on twitter in using Photofeeler. Click "read more" to see the full Storify.


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Using Databases!

If you are trying to run an application, you will probably need to store data somewhere. A database helps you do this. If you've used a computer with Microsoft Office on it, you might have some passing familiarity with Excel. Excel is a database that has a graphical user interface, and can do some of it's own programming. You might have used it to create tables, or to balance your budget. If you...

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So what's the big deal about object oriented programming?

There are multiple approaches to writing code. Functional, procedural, and object-oriented are three of the most common. If you are learning Ruby, you need to know about object oriented programming. The previous posts all included examples of procedural code. Procedural code is code that runs line by line and does one task at a time, each task building on the other. This is fine for smaller programs...

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There's a method for that!

Sorry for the long pause in the coding related content! The reason is that I moved my blog from wordpress.com to self-hosted and running on wordpress.org.  The move has allowed for a lot more customization and a lot more control over my content, including the ability to create my own themes. I'm still using my old one while I design the new theme, but be on the lookout!

For those of you unfamiliar...

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Build Another Pyramid with Ruby

This past week in coding I got my cat bot up to github! You can now make your very own cat bot! I tried to make it as accessible as possible to the non-programmer as possible. Please let me know in some form if you have questions or comments! I guess, if you really wanted to, for some reason I cannot fathom, wanted to make a bunny bot or a dog bot or a ferret bot. I don't know, I guess you could...

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Day Two At General Assembly: Learning Git and Github

Today in my Back-End Web Development course we went over git, github, and loops in ruby.

Again, this was mostly review for me, except for the github part. Treehouse has a pretty good course on version control and git, and skims over github. I knew I had to have one, and that I could store stuff there, and other people could contribute, but there was a lot of finer details that were lost on me.

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