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First day at General Assembly!

Last night was my first night at General Assembly's back end web development course. The weather attempted to stop it, but despite the impending blizzard and the ice and snow it threw at us, we were able to have class as planned.

The various staff of GA introduced themselves, and explained how they could help us. I'm not very good at names/faces, so we will see how well I do when I need to actually...

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I have to interact with people? The importance of groups in learning coding

If you read my intro post, you'll know I got started at a meet up. My first meet up was with the DC Rails Girls. I now regularly attend the DC RUG meet ups and the Learn Ruby meet ups.  You can use Meetup.com to find groups in your area! Also, some cool companies host their own meet ups. If there is a company you want to work for, even if you aren't at a level you feel is good enough, email them...

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My decision to go to General Assembly

My decision to attend a non-accredited school to learn more about coding is many faceted. I looked at a lot of coding schools, and I looked at how long they lasted, what the hours were, how much they cost and did I have to relocate to attend.

I suppose I could break this down to a.) why I chose to go to a devboot-camp-esque school to continue my learning and b.) why I chose General Assembly specifically...

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Everyone has Macs and those are expensive! Do I need a Mac to do coding?!

Today's Question That Bothered Me a LOT While Getting Into Coding: I'm Too Cool for Mac's/I Like Being Able to Play A Lot Of Video Games on My Computer/I Work For A Nonprofit And My Cats Have Expensive Tastes, So Really, What I'm Trying To Say Is I Can't Afford a Mac, Please Tell Me They Aren't Required?

The answer, I learned, is that they aren't!

Traditionally, I learned, Ruby doesn't run well...

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So how does a computer know programming languages? Does it have to go to college?

A question that bothered me A LOT when I first started was how does a computer know programming languages? How does it learn new languages? When Ruby was made, did every person have to take their computer back to college and make it get a major in Ruby?

This question, though presented very comically, really really bothered me. The answers I got were either overly technical to the point that I thought...

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A Very Short Introduction

I wanted to take a few moments to discuss how I got into coding and what I'm doing so far/have learned so far! A way long back, in high school, my computer science teacher decided teaching HTML was way more important than going on and on and on and on about Microsoft Office. So we built a website, and we made pac-man. Of course, I only used these skills for the most pure of purposes: a fan-site...

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New Year, New Blog Topics: Coding While Feminist

Hello -

I hope y’all had a good holiday and are no longer hungover from new year celebrations! I wanted to let you all know that there might be some new content here. I’ve taken a small detour into coding and web development, and want to document this journey in this space. All my reproductive rights/justice and feminism content will now be found under the “feminism” category, and all my coding...

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