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In Which I Use PhotoFeeler to Find the Best Pic, Instead Find Sexism

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A year in not reading men

I accidentally (no, really) didn't read any works of fiction by a single man this year. Some of those books were awful/hilarious, some of them were really good. I already blogged about the absolute most irritating book I read in 2014 (here), but here are some of the highlights, in no particular order!

The Lunar Chronicles (Cinders, Scarlet, Cress) -  - Marissa Meyer - This is candy, but it's...

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New Year, New Blog Topics: Coding While Feminist

Hello -

I hope y’all had a good holiday and are no longer hungover from new year celebrations! I wanted to let you all know that there might be some new content here. I’ve taken a small detour into coding and web development, and want to document this journey in this space. All my reproductive rights/justice and feminism content will now be found under the “feminism” category, and all my coding...

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On "Moving Elsewhere" from Somone Who Did

With the special session going on in Texas, and the thousands of women, men, and gender-non-conforming persons who have a uterus, and their partners, friends, and loved ones standing up for the right to have an abortion, many in Blue States are wondering “Why don’t they just move?”

I grew up in a blue-dog city in Pennsylvania, outside of this was rural Pennsylvania. While Pennsylvania went for...

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The Truth About Fetal Pain, and the "Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act"

The truth is simply that fetus’s cannot feel pain. Several organizations dedicated to studying obstetrics and gynecology have spent many years studying the inner working of the uterus to figure out the secrets behind pregnancy and childbirth.

Several systems must be in place in order for a fetus to feel pain, while some of these systems are developed early in a pregnancy, they aren’t fully formed...

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What Not To Say To Someone You Think Is In A Domestic Violence Situation

This was originally written in collaboration with a fellow survivor who felt comfortable sharing her name a links to her website. Since that time, she has decided that it is no longer to have this information available. Her name has been removed from this article and no longer does it link to her blog.

Dear friends, family, acquaintances, and random strangers:

As survivors of domestic violence...

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My reproductive choices are not referendum on yours

For a long time, in the United States, childbearing among white women and the rearing of them were compulsory, not mandated by law per se, but societal forces found ways to demonize, stigmatize, and criminalize those white women who did not contribute to the white race by producing enough children out outstrip the people of color. Meanwhile, women of color were forcibly sterilized, or had the children...

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On Personhood, in light of the VA Attorney General Nominee


A healthy person with a uterus generally has a 28 day fertility cycle. Day one of the cycle is generally counted as the first day that person menstruates, or releases tissue and blood that had collected on the uterine wall. The length of the menstrual period has little to no bearing on the actual fluctuation of hormones and the length of the cycle. Generally, 14 days later one of the...

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On Feminists and Men

There is a lot of confusion about the relationship between feminism, and men. Some mistakenly assert that since feminism is about advancing women's rights, it must therefore also be about taking away men's rights. These people would have you believe that the gender wars are a zero sum game. In order for women to gain rights, men must be deprived of rights. There isn't a limited supply of rights...

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Reproductive Justice and Reducing the Number of Abortions

[Authors Note: I started this blog post on an older blog and imported the draft here. I am addressing a few points, but know there are many more. Further, I want to acknowledge that it is not just ciswomen who can get pregnant, but also trans-men, and those who are genderqueer or gender-non-conforming. Futher, not all families consist of two care caretakers, and caretakers can be of any or no gender...

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