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On "Ladies Night," feminism, and benevolent sexism

Or, “Why Ladies Night isn’t ‘Female Privilege'”

Well, Mr. MRA, I hope I have a sound answer for you.If you hang around in the MRA section of reddit long enough, you will eventually see a man complaining about all us feminists that expect men to pay all the time. Later, this same MRA will claim feminists are emasculating him by not letting him pay. Later still, he will complain about “ladies nights...

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On Comment Policies and Free Speech

Blogs are like small independent newspapers run out of your basement. You usually only get enough printed for you family + 20, and hope that your family passes out the copies you printed. Someday you might get big, and you might be able to add some ad space, but for now, you can’t. You just write what you want to write, not concerned about subscriptions or revenue.

No, resoundingly, no. Just as...

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My cashier

I don't want my cashier to have the final say in whether I get emergency contraception, or a pregnancy.

If the Obama Administration requires EC be sold over the counter to those 15 and over, requiring an ID check by the cashier, then the anti-choice crowd will push to give cashiers the same "rights" they gave pharmacists. The "right" to interfere in a persons private decisions regard the use of...

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When Young Women Speak Out: Virginia Edition

This post was originally published on Amplify Your Voice. I am currently interning with Advocates for Youth, and blogging on state policy is one of my duties.

On Saturday, March 3, protestors met in Richmond, VA to show their anger at the mandatory ultrasound law. This law would require women in Virginia who are seeking abortion to obtain an ultrasound twenty four hours in advance of the procedure...

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An Ode to Darrell Issa (R-CA-49)

Darrell Issa held DC's budget hostage for awhile, since the taxpayers of DC all pretty much agree that their tax dollars should be used for a comprehensive medicaid plan, meaning it covers abortion.Then he decided that even though no one really had a problem with the Occupiers, and even though they were breaking no laws, and had relatively few encounters with the police, that because they weren...
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Women, Combat, Rape, and Sexism

Whenever you are dealing with a candidate who has written extensively on how women are ruining the country, you can expect some outrageous comments. Recently, Rick Santorum, who wrote a book (now he is saying he didn't write it) on how women being outside of the home is ruining America, is now taking aim at our servicewomen.
After an announcement that the Pentagon was going to start allowing...
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I like my birth control just how it is, kthx

There are currently 5 Republican women in Congress, and two of them have come out in support of the birth control mandate as most recently modified (women still get their co-pay free birth control, and churches don't have to pay for it). Sens. Olympia Snowe (ME) and Susan Collins (ME) have shown support for birth control in the past.So, while the rest of the Republicans are trying to march themselves...

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Birth Control: The New Abortion

I spent Wednesday afternoons being quickly rushed from the public school I attended to the Catholic school down the street, where I would spend another two hours sitting in a desk in a class room. I learned the rosary, the Apostle's Creed, the stations of the Cross, and then my Aunt, who worked at the school full time, would take me back to my parents house (usually with a detour for a snack, much...

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Maternal Mortality, Doulas, and Midwives

Recently a study was published that found abortion to be safer than childbirth. Many on the choice side of the abortion debate are hailing this as a victory, pointing the fingers back at the prolife side of the debate, saying "We told you it was safer, can you please stop lying to women saying abortion is dangerous?"The problem is that no one should be celebrating this finding. The dark side of...

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