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Software Engineer and Speculative Fiction Author.


I offer an eclectic array of services for people who are passionate about books, tech, or both. I would like to note that I do not offer diversity consulting, free or paid. Any requests for such services will be met with referrals elsewhere depending on what type of consulting you need (ie: for a company, for a conference, for a non-profit, for a meet up, etc). The services I do provide are as follows:


Currently closed

I offer my services as a freelance coder to individuals or social good organizations who use tech to combat prejuidice is systemic violence. I specialize in

  • Ruby
  • Rails
  • Javascript

I can provide you with a quick prototype application that you can use to demonstrate an idea and get a project off the ground quickly, I can set up a static website using Jekyll or Middleman, and help you customize it to suit your needs. My rate for these services is $100/ hr, but I offer discounts, too.

I ask that you contact me at least 3 months before you would like to see your work finished to give me ample time to work with you on if I am the best fit for you, and if so, to get a good feel of what the minimum viable product looks like.

When contacting me about this, please include deadlines, the main problem you are hoping to address (ex: I don't have a good website to promote my new non-profit), and what goals you have. Write up core solutions you are looking for, and what are your must-haves. I can then get back to you with an estimate in the time it will take for me to complete, and how many billable hours that will be.

Please note, I am not a designer. If you also hire a freelance designer, please let me know so that I may work collaboratively with them. If you have branded assets already, I will ask that you provide them to me so that I can make sure they are used appropriately in the app or site.

A note to recruiters: I am not currently looking for full time opportunities. Inquiries of this sort will be ignored.

Sensitivity reader

I offer my services as a freelance sensitivity reader to both traditionally published and self published writers. I am able to read for the following issues:

  • Queer identities
  • Bisexuality
  • Genderqueer
  • Polyamory
  • Auto-immune issues
  • Traumatic brain injuries / concussions
  • Growing up poor
  • Homelessness
  • Abortion
  • Eating disorders (anoerexia)
  • C-PTSD, Anxiety, Depression
  • Intimate Partner Violence

My prices for these services are dependent on word count. I ask a base $50 for the first 5,000 words. For every word after that I charge an additional $0.0025, rounded up to the nearest cent. I ask that slots be booked at least 1 month in advance, and if my slots are full, I will ask if you can wait an additional month, or refer you to someone else whom I know does good work. Payment is due when services are rendered. I ask for payment by Venmo or Paypal.

I will read your work for one, or more, focus areas. Please specify in your request which areas you are looking for in your request. If I notice something glaring in an area you did not list, I will still point it out, but refer you to another sensitivity reader who is better versed in that area to help resovle it. After I have read your work, I will provide a detailed report which will include phrases, words, and/or passages that I found and some small suggestions on ways you might be able to fix this.

My agreement to sensitivity reading is not a guarantee that your works will be free from all biases, and I request that you not use my name as a defense of other peoples criticisms. I am one person, and I can miss things, though I will try my best not to. I will not disclose details about your work to anyone prior to your publication of it. If I need to consult with someone else, I will ask you first if I may do so. I am willing to sign any NDA you would like me to sign prior to sending me your work.

I prefer to read YA, fantasy, and science fiction. If you are writing in another genre, please let me know. In this case, I can read the first 15% of your work and provide initial feedback for free so that you can see if I can provide the kind of feedback you need. If I am unable to do this, I will help you find another sensitivity reader who can.

Speaking Assistance

I am an accomplished speaker. I started this path in high school when I joined the speech and debate time. I am a 3 time national competitor, taking home more plaques and trophies and ribbons than my mother knew what to do with at my graduation party. In my professional life, I have given talks at local meet ups, regional conferences, national conferences, and international conferences. I have spoken about in depth technical subjects, diversity subjects, and more than once I spoke at international reproductive health conferences as an expert in the process of obtaining a later abortion while poor. I know the ins and outs of conference proposal submissions, as well as how to pace and organize a speech, and how to project and not stumble, too.

Additionally, I've also worked as a meeting planner, and was heavily involved in planning content, reviewing submissions, creating tracks, and working with both veteran speakers and first time speakers to make sure that their talks went smoothly.

I can offer you:

  • help with putting together that conference proposal
  • help with putting together slides
  • help with practicing the speech
The Submissions Package for individuals ($50, $15 off for previous clients)

This package includes two one hour sessions where we work together to put together the best submission possible. I will ask you to send me a link to the conference you are submitting to, their CFP requirements, and what you have so far. I will also ask for their deadline and the best times for you to meet with me. I will review these documents and links, and schedule our two sessions. I will have notes and ideas ready to go at our first sessions. We will video chat and I will work with you on your abstract, your description, and your outline. I will point out gaps in content, points where I want more information, and more. I will give you homework at the end, and schedule our next session. At the second session I will review with you your changes, and go over the big picture you want to get across: what you want people to learn. We will fine tune the proposal and I will make one more check for glaring errors.

The Speaker Package for individuals ($150, $25 off for previous clients)

You've been accepted! This package includes two one-one-one hour long video sessions, and one twenty minute phone call during the conference (either day of or day before you speak). The first sessions will be 1 month before the conference. Please have your submissions info to me before this session so I can review it ahead of time. If you have slides ready, please send them to me, too. We will work on getting your slides into the best shape they can be in. I will help you make them engaging, informative, and not overly busy to the point of distraction. I will provide this information to you in a collabortive manner, so that your vision is best realized. After this session, I will type up and send you detailed notes of what we went over and tips on how to improve your slides before our next session. The second session will quickly review the points from last session, and then I will ask you to run through the talk with me as your audience. I will take notes throughout and after I will discuss your strengths and weaknesses, and give feedback on how to improve the talk. Again, I will provide you with detailed notes and a plan for improvement after the session is over. On the day of or the day before you speak, I will schedule a phone call with you, so you can go over any last concerns or questions. If you want any additional sessions, I can work with you on a price depending on what you want out of those sessions. Usually they run between $20 and $30.

The Speaker Package for Conference Organizers

I also want to offer tech conferences the chance to hire me to make sure their agenda is full of fantastic talks. The conference package includes three one-on-one hour long interactions in the weeks leading up to the conference and one fifteen minute check in on the day they give their talk. This package will start 1 month before the conference. During that week I will video chat with the speaker and go over slides, go over the order and cadence of the talk and check for content and make suggestions on how to make their content and slides better. The following week I will work with them to double check content, and then do a run through of their talk. I will be taking notes during this run through, and go over those with them during the session and also provide them with detailed notes within an hour of the call ending. A week before the conference, I will again run through their speech with them, again take notes, and again give last minute feedback with suggestions on specific places where they could improve and how to achieve that. During the conference itself, I will schedule a 15 minute check in with the speaker, during which we will quickly go over parts where they'd previously struggled and make sure they are prepared.

This package is $150/speaker to be paid by the conference at least 1 week before the conference happens. I would also ask for travel and accomodation to be provided if you want me on site for the last 15 minute check in. If this is impossible, we can find a way to video-chat me into the conference on an organizers laptop in a quiet room.

I am happy to work with all of your speakers, just the speakers who request it in their CFP submissions, or your first-time speakers. I want to make sure that the content on your program is well-presented.

If you are a first time speaker from a group that is traditionally under-represented in tech and these prices are out of your budget, please note so in your request and I will be happy to work with you to make these services available and accessible to you.

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